3 Quick Ways to Become a Fitter Version of Yourself

By Guest Contributor: Namrata Gulati

There was a time when I massively craved chocolates, chips, coffee, aerated drinks, packaged juice(s), sweets, biscuits, Maggi, pizzas, burgers- basically all things unhealthy.

being fitter
Namrata believes in mind over matter

More often than not, I gave in to most of them and even indulged myself in over-eating.  The aftereffects had to be drastic. (Of course, what else would you expect when you finish two bags of chips everyday and barely flex a muscle!) I would run out of energy too soon, but I also began to listen to my body that was frequently sending out red signals to me. A few years down the lane, I know I am a much fitter version of myself. Trust me, the journey thankfully has been easier than I thought it would be!

How? Here’s how:

Never saying no to moving that muscle!

In the mornings, I make it a point to practice aerobics or shake a leg, even if for 15 minutes. I just play some of my favourite songs and dance away! I do not plonk myself on the bed after finishing a meal. Instead, I clean up the dining table a bit or fill up water bottles, so I am on the move. That way, I keep my home clean and also on the move post meal.  In the evenings, I make it a point to take a leisurely walk (about 3 to 5 km).

 SMH at fast food

 Just in a case you’re wondering, SMH means Shaking My Head in the internet world. My kitchen is well stocked with fruits and dahi- always. You will never find chips or biscuits or anything that is unhealthy in my kitchen cabinets. Every time I am hungry, I warm up some milk or snack on a fruit. The cravings? They have reduced by 90%.

Deserting dessert

I have a sweet tooth, but when I want to appease it, I treat myself to dahi and sugar and it tastes yummmm! If that doesn’t suffice, I just have water and it helps. I have also managed to curb my cravings for coffee which show up every time I am at work. The replacements include oranges and mango shakes.

Occasionally, I do have pastas or burgers etc. But this time, I have them guilt free!

Simple, isn’t it!

Author bio: Namrata is a freelance journalist who loves to dress up, dance to peppy music, travel to quaint lands and go jogging.



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