HONEST REVIEW: Patanjali Saundarya Neem Tulsi Face Wash

By Guest Contributor: Namrata Gulati

One can only hope to find a miracle in their lifetime. I found mine yesterday!

Of late, I have been spending  a lot of time in the sun yet but not been doing much to help my skin recover from the resulting damage. I have an honest confession to make here: I am extremely lazy when it comes to taking care of my skin.The one crime I could be arrested for is skin neglect So, all I want is a good facewash and moisturiser to help keep the glow on my skin intact- basically quick stuff that I can just apply onto my skin and forget all about it.

Now, my laziness reared its head again yesterday afternoon (after I spent about 4 hours in the sun). That is when Patanjali Neem & Tulsi Facewash caught my eye (my hubby happens to be an ardent Ramdev follower). I didn’t have much faith in his line of products, so I decided to give this one a try and boy…. was I surprised!

patanjali saundarya neem tulsi face wash.jpg

One application left my skin feeling extra smooth. Besides, there was this dewy glow on my face and my complexion also looked fairer, (I am not into stuff that makes you fair. I just believe that your skin should be healthy and there should be no breakouts on it) which is all the more surprising for a person like me who tans very easily.

Anyway, I spent  a few more hours in the sun later in the day. At night, I used this facewash again. I was really, really surprised at what I saw. My skin was visibly radiant and bright after just three washes! I even woke up to a brand new skin in the morning!

MY TAKE : The facewash is a performance delivering product that does indeed leave you with noticeably smoother, brighter and fairer skin. I don’t think I am going to be questioning Pantajali anymore (until I find a better facewash, of course!)Also, it will not dry out your skin or make it too oily. What a find in under 100 Indian Rupees!

Author Bio:Namrata is a freelance journalist who loves to dress up, dance to peppy music, travel to quaint lands and go jogging

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