HONEST REVIEW: Himalaya Orange Peel-Off Mask

Hey Selfians! Spring is not too far and the sun is becoming stronger. So I thought why not review an anti-tan product.

himalaya anti tan fask mask.jpg

Himalaya Orange Peel-Off Mask claims to lighten skin tone from the first use which is a pretty tall claim. It contains both orange peel and honey in its formula. The formulation is quite sticky and applying it on your face will take some time. Make sure your hair is away from your face or the product will get suck to your hair ! It takes around 15-20 minutes to dry off. After it dries (you can tell because your face will feel tight), you can peel it off starting from the side of your face.

himalaya orange anti tan mask.jpg
With the mask on

So does it really remove tan and brighten the skin? Yes, a little bit. There is a bit of boost to your skin tone but nothing drastic. I have used it around 3 times and it has not performed miracles. It is quite an average product which is worth keeping around for a quick pick me up for your face. The 50 gram packaging is quite travel friendly in case you are going on vacation to a sunny place.

What I disliked about this product was the smell! The smell is quite strong with orange and alcohol tones to it. It is unpleasant and made my eyes water a little bit. Alcohol is listed as an ingredient as I really think its a tad TOO much. I hope it does not have adverse effect on facial skin overtime !

Watch the entire video here:

Price: 70 Indian Rupees for 50 grams

BUY OR NOT BUY:  DEPENDS. It is an average product so if you don’t buy it, you are not missing out on a lot !

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Author bio: The Selfie Beauty is an online platform and YouTube Channel run by a former television journalist Shivangi Shukla who realized she likes writing on beauty and inspiration more than anything else. She also writes about unrealistic expectations of society on women. Like any other writer, coffee and tea keeps her going. 

 Skin Type: Combination

Hair : Black. Very wavy

Skin Tone: Warm Toned

2 thoughts on “HONEST REVIEW: Himalaya Orange Peel-Off Mask

    1. You are welcome Shri. I think it’s kind of a new launch..maybe few months old perhaps. I’ll review the spinz anti tan cream as well. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel ( the youtube video is posted in this article) to be updated of new reviews 🙂


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