SRK Finally Meets His “Senorita”

The Selfie Beauty follower Krittika FINALLY got a chance to meet & EVEN HUG her dream man : Shahrukh Khan. She shares her story so every SRK fan who is yet to meet him keeps her/his dream alive.

srk-in-raees-and-ddljSomewhere between Bade bade deshon mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hain”….and “Sheron ka toh zamana hota hain” we all grew up !

And who do I mean by “we”??

 I mean all the crazy die heart fans of the Baadshah. How many times have I watched DDLJ? Can’t really remember. I just know that I remember the screenplay to the tee. And how many times have I enacted Kuch Kuch Hota Hain with my cousins in my childhood !..well that too I have lost count of. The numerous times when I have paused to just sit and stare at ‘Kabir Khan’ in (ChakDe) or shivered at his “Kkkkkk…Kiran”…the list is never ending

 Yes…I am his fan..his jabra fan…like a million others round the globe. But I’m also one of those rare fans who got a chance to meet him..that too up close and personal.

Krittika’s fan girl moment

You ask me how…well that’s just one of the numerous perks of being a journalist. *winks*

I have probably hounded my colleague for at least four months that she just had to take me along when she goes to interview SRK when he comes to promote Raees. Trust me when I say, that she almost blocked me owing to my incessant texts and ramblings. But finally…that eventful day happened when I woke up to a text saying “He’s given us the date, be there 6 pm Hotel Leela”.

I remember staring at the text for a good 5 mins , just to let it sink that it’s actually happening to me. I remember bringing my whole wardrobe down on my bed, unable to decide what to wear!! *sheepish grin*.

 Eventually, after somewhat calming my nerves a tad bit…I managed to reach the venue and soon enough he was there..just a metre away from me. I could see him, feel his presence, hear his voice. He was there , right there. When Puja (the colleague who was my angel for the day) introduced me, and he took my hand, something in me changed. Life just seemed to be a little more meaningful..even if it was just for that moment.

fan meets srk.jpg
Blurry yet a perfect picture

You all must be wondering that he too must be having his starry airs and all..and I say why not! Had I been where he is now, I would have them too. But the only thing…he just didn’t let me feel any of it. He hugged me like a friend (I swear I still haven’t washed that coat which I wore) and talked to me about my job profile like any other regular person in his life. And for a person who has grown up admiring and loving him it was truly overwhelming.

 Its true that a lot of people are critical about his movies and its not that I blame them. Even an ardent fan like me couldn’t digest a ‘Dilwale’ or a ‘Happy New year’, but there’s something about him which is magnetic, hopelessly romantic and overtly magical. All his starry affairs aside, there’s a genuine warmth in him that seeps through the crack in that aura which he has around him.

The day will forever be etched in my memory as one of the many defining moments in my life, a picture forever shining bright in my timeline, a reason why many of my friends are jealous of me.

srk fan.jpg
Krittika always wanted to meet SRK

I would hereby just like to sum up my feelings for him in his words only..

“Ek tarfa pyar ki taqat hi kuch aur hoti hain

 Auron ke rishton ke tarah yeh do logon mein nahin bat’ti

Sirf mera haq is pe”

 Me and my unrequited love for the ‘Raj’..the ‘Rahul’..and the true embodiment of dreamy romance.

 Share this story with someone who is dreaming of meeting SRK one day! Met SRK? Then leave behind a comment with your experience.

 Author Bio: Krittika is currently working as a journalist in NDTV 24*7. Don’t ever ask her whether she loved any SRK movie because the answer will always be yes.

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