HONEST REVIEW: Maybelline White Superfresh Compact

After always being on  the search for the perfect face powder, I finally found Maybelline White Superfresh Compact. The first time I saw it was when Alia Bhatt was endorsing it on a TV commercial.  Now honestly, I don’t believe that stars actually use the products they endorse. I know they get paid for it so I did not give it much heed. But when a person at the beauty store recommended it to me and I tested it, I loved it !


And I continued loving it so much I have used 2 of these already !  Maybelline White Superfresh compact was made for me ! It actually does it what claims, i.e make your skin look super fresh in an instant. It smoothly blends into your skin absorbing any sweat or oil. It brightens your face and just makes you look oh so sexy ! The finish is matte and smooth and it feels light on your skin.

Tired after a long day of office but need to head out for a social gathering? Then just use this compact and voila ! you will look fresh as a daisy! It is a life saver for me especially when I need to look fresh after a tiring day or a sick day.

This compact also has SPF 28 which is great ! It comes with a small puff and mirror. As for the whitening effect..yes it makes your skin look fairer and brighter ! All this without looking too cakey and obvious ! I only use this as my compact and can’t do without it. High end compacts are no less than 700 Indian Rupees but this one is a steal at around 150 Indian Rupees. Can you beat that? I was rather shocked when I came to know its priced so low. You can choose from the following skin tones:


2.Shell ( I use this one)


maybelline whote superfresh swatch.jpg

BUY OR NOT BUY: HELL YES ! I highly recommend this product and I really can’t think of any con right now. Consider buying this over super expensive compacts !

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Author bio: The Selfie Beauty is an online platform run by a former television journalist Shivangi Shukla who realized she likes writing on beauty and inspiration more than anything else. She also writes about unrealistic expectations of society on women. Like any other writer, coffee and tea keeps her going. 

 Skin Type: Combination

Hair : Black. Very wavy

Skin Tone: Warm Toned

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