The Selfie Beauty Guest Contributor Namrata Gulati talks about her journey into the world of freelancing. Must read for anyone who is keen on becoming a freelancer. 

I worked in a 9 to 6 job for over 5 years. I loved my job and it excited me. Soon enough, my marriage was fixed and my husband happened to be in a job which requires a lot of travelling. So, I joined a part time job in Pune city. But the job was too dull for my liking.

namrata freelance journalist.jpg
Namrata loves working from home

One fine day, I chanced upon a magazine that really appealed to me. I did the necessary formalities and within a week, they called me for an interview. On my way, my only concern was the distance I would have to cover everyday to get to work (over 24km- one way). Fortunately, the editor herself offered me the job of a freelancer. Here are my takeaways from being a freelancer. They might answer some of your questions too if you’re looking to freelance:


A few years ago, I had some strong prejudices against freelancers. “How can they not do a regular job?” “Do they really earn?” “Do they not get bored?” But now that I am a freelancer myself, I have to say, I am loving every bit of it and I have found answers to questions that would oft haunt me before I jumped on the freelance bandwagon. For one, freelance is quite liberating for freedom-loving people like myself, who like to work at their own convenience. I can pen articles in a coffee shop or while l listen to music. But this certainly does not give you the freedom to flout your deadlines or take your work lightly.

Keep yourself motivated

One of the major challenges of being a freelancer is to keep yourself motivated enough a) to submit your work well in time (if you love your job, it will come naturally to you) and b) being super active about looking for more work. It might take time, but trust me, the wait will be worth it. One of the ways I keep myself motivated is by maintaining a folder on my desktop called ‘I love my work!’ Every time I start my lappy to work, it is this folder I have to open and needless to say, it makes me fall in love with my work all over again!

 More organisations, more opportunity to learn

While in a regular job, I wanted to work with a travel magazine and a few years later, popular fashion blogs. Now, with freelancing, I do not have to choose. I can work with them all! Sometime back, I was planning to join a course in SEO. Thankfully, I am currently working with a fashion/lifestyle-centric blog that has given me the opportunity to understand the basics of SEO.

More time for other things

I have time to invest in other things I love, such as an early morning run or an early evening walk. Or even pursuing my studies and attend classes over the weekend.

Newfound passion

I have always been intrinsically motivated, but freelancing has made me more passionate about my work



Be Aware

Whenever you join an organisation, make sure you ask important and relevant questions about the mode of payment, the periodicity of payment and other such concerns. Also, just like for a regular job, you can also negotiate the payment for a freelance opportunity.

The downsides

There are two major downsides.

  • Irregular inflow of money: But worry not. Keep following up and do not compromise on the quality and quantum of work even when the payment comes in late.
  • Little money: On one hand, there is little money in this profession, but on the other, if you are committed and a hardworking individual, you will eventually find your way. And the best part- your professionalism and good quality work might impress your employer who will refer you to other employers who are looking to hire freelancers.

    Author bio: Namrata is a freelance journalist who loves to dress up, dance to peppy music, travel to quaint lands and go jogging.

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