I saw Nykaa nail pain ads literally EVERYWHERE in the online space. They looked super pretty, especially their matte collection. I am not too fond of nail paint but the shades and the texture of Nykaa nail paint drew me in like a bee to honey. So I decided to take the plunge and ordered Nykaa Matte Nail Paint in Cherry Pop. This particular nail paint is part of their neon nail paint collection so they are brighter and extra colorful.

I just loved the packaging of the bottle. The texture of the bottle has a matte and misted feel to it which looks EXACTLY like the dried nail paint. How cool is that?

nykaa nail polish review.jpg

The nail paint dries very quickly. Post drying, the texture of the nail paint is INDEED matte. It is smooth and just BEAUTIFUL ! Because Cherry Pop is from their neon collection,  the color is very catchy. If you are not into bright nail paint, they have lovely subtle shades you can choose from as well. I must say I loved my new nails ! It looks way more modern and new age than gel or shiny nail color. What really impressed me was that my nails looked just like the done nails on the Nykaa ads ! That means Nykaa was not trying to fool the customer and delivered on it’s claims. Good job Nykaa… at least on this product !

nykaa nail polish review 3.jpg

BUT..IN UNDER A DAY, the nail color did become a bit dull and lost a lot of it’s matte feel and look. You might need to retouch your nails every other day to keep it looking fresh and matte.

BUY OR NOT BUY: MAYBE! It is unlike  any other nail paint you might have used before…trust me. They have a HUGE collection of colors to choose from. But you need to keep re-touching your nails to keep the fresh look. Nevertheless they are worth a shot! You can order them at : http://www.nykaa.com

Price: 199 Indian Rupees for a 9 ml bottle

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Author bio:The Selfie Beauty is an online platform run by a former television journalist Shivangi Shukla who realized she likes writing on beauty and inspiration more than anything else. She also writes about unrealistic expectations of society on women. Like any other writer, coffee and tea keeps her going. 

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