If you saw my recent Facebook Lives, you must have noticed my make-up. I was surprised at how flawless, smooth and radiant my skin looked. I guess a lot of credit to the foundation I used: MAYBELLINE DREAM SATIN FOUNDATION (in Nude Beige-my skin color match)

maybelline dream satin 3.jpg
Wearing the product

This Maybelline foundation comes in a pump glass packaging. On the bottle it says that it is air whipped liquid foundation. The formula is light and airy when it touches your skin..quite perfect. It blends easily and smoothly into your skin. It is not too drying either and neither is it too oily. I have worn this foundation at a stretch for approximately 5 hours and it did not bleed or crack.By the way, you should moisturize your face well before applying foundation otherwise your foundation can crack and it’s going to look nasty.

maybelline dream satin foundation review 2.jpg

The product claims that it does not clog pores and I guess that is true because the formula is quite light. It brightens the face and gives full coverage. The finish is matte and smooth…I really loved it ! It will hide pigmentation and uneven skin tone. I noticed a slight pinkish undertone in the Nude Beige foundation shade which goes well with my skin. Usually, I don’t use foundation and only keep them for special occasions like a wedding function or a party. But I must confess that  from my recent memory, this foundation is the best one I have used.

BUY OR NOT BUY: DEFINITELY BUY ! But I recommend buy it at the store because you need to try different shades to find your match. Priced at approximately 650 Indian Rupees it gives returns which are worth it.

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Author bio: The Selfie Beauty is an online platform run by a former television journalist Shivangi Shukla who realized she likes writing on beauty and inspiration more than anything else. She also writes about unrealistic expectations of society on women. Like any other writer, coffee and tea keeps her going. 

 Skin Type: Combination

Hair : Black. Very wavy

Skin Tone: Warm Toned




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