Why ‘Crazy Sumit’ Is Crazy For Real and Is Giving Pranks a Bad Name

A guy goes around kissing unsuspecting girls while his accomplice shoots from a distance… the camera sneakingly hidden away. He kisses the girl and immediately runs for his life. And all this in the name of a “prank”.

Prank videos are famous on YouTube and this Sumit chap wanted to recreate them in his own desi, creepy way. Some of the so called pranks on YouTube have another name: “social experiments”. Thanks to his antics, the police has been set on him like a pack of dogs. Of course, he has removed the original kissing prank video. I wanted to check out his other videos to see what other kind of content he  creates. These are 2 videos I found which were more female centric:

Sleeping With Girlfriend Prank on Mom (Gone Wrong ) 

Taking Girls Phone Number (Wasting There (sic) Phone Balance) 

crazy sumit kiss.jpg
A still from the “prank” video

I must say from all the videos I checked the kissing video crossed the line. You can’t touch other people without their permission and especially if they are female. And you can’t do it in a country like India where women are treated like second class citizens. The public here will never take it in good humor and it will only re-enforce bad behavior. Even if the prank was staged, the impressionable young viewers will not be able to discern.  I did a search on YouTube to see other kissing prank videos from foreign countries. I wanted to see where this weirdo derived his inspiration from. What I found was that I did not see even one single video where the prankster kissed a girl without her consent. The girl always gave permission for any kind of physical contact. So lets not blame his behavior on“western influence”. Rather, I must say it is “The Crazy Sumit” who is setting a bad precedent in the name of pranks on the world wide web.

Probably, this Indian nut head knew that he can never get a female’s permission in India for a kiss..not even for a “social experiment”. But he was also aware that he could pull it off and then conveniently say “It was just a joke, yaar”. He really must be  CRAZY to think he can get away with it. At least he lives up to his YouTube channel name.

girls being stereotyped.jpg

I am so damn sick of heading out to an open market and being stared at.  I am sick of the fact that I feel guilty when I want to look good because I might be get unwanted attention from lecherous men. I am sick of elder women who act liberal & modern but teach entitlement to their sons behind closed doors. You know who you are.

But there are bolder women around me who are changing the paradigm. That’s what we need now. Bolder, ambitious and free spirited women who will multiply in numbers and bring up amazing sons. Being independent and broad minded is not just for your teen and unmarried years ladies.  You should not suddenly do a U-turn on your attitude after wedlock or a huge career success . Because if you do such a thing, that means you were being fake all along. Continue being the wild spirit you are throughout your lives. Be a positive influence on the younger generation and lead by example.This message also applies to men. Together we can transform our society and change the destiny of India’s daughters..now and for generations to come !

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Author bio:

The Selfie Beauty is an online platform run by a former television journalist Shivangi Shukla who realized she likes writing on beauty and inspiration more than anything else. She also writes about unrealistic expectations of society on women. Like any other writer, coffee and tea keeps her going. 


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