The Selfie Beauty guest contributor Namrata Gulati is back again. This time she helps you decode winter fashion.  Follow her tips to turn heads this winter season :

1.Boots: They look extremely stylish and up your chic instantly. Bonus: They keep you warm.

2.Leather jacket: A zip up leather jacket can take you from simple to sexy in a jiffy. Pair it up with anything (a short dress, a maxi, jeans, skirt ) and you are sure to turn heads

3.Stoles: There is reason a stole is called a stole. After all, it can steal the show.

Winter fashion must haves:Boots, leather jacket and stoles

4.A balanced look: Just as combining glitter with glitter is a fashion faux pas, very bright lips with sparking eyes is a no-no and vice versa. For instance, bright eye make up should be accompanied by a nude lipcolour instead of a fuschia pink that’ll make you look like a human cake.

winter fashion 3.jpg
Dark eyes, nude lips

5.Moisturise, moisturise, and moisturise some more: Keep your ski well hydrated and make sure you moisturise after a bath since hot water strips your skin of natural oils.

6.Keep fit: Fitness never goes out of fashion, so ditch the blanket at least four days a week and flex your muscles. You wouldn’t want to look all bloated up after all the layers of clothing go away when summer arrives! Eat in moderation and exercise at least four days a week to welcome summer in style!

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