I have recently jumped onto the Snapchat bandwagon and I was rather surprised when I came across filters which added make up to your face. Here I am talking about eyeliner, mascara, blush and lipstick. It also makes your eyes look bigger and magically prettier. These Snapchat filters are spot on too ! It actually looks you are wearing REAL MAKE-UP! What kind of sorcery is this?

Have to post a selfie on social media but too lazy to look presentable? Thanks to Snapchat you can look glammed up in seconds even if you have been lying in bed the entire day. I guess this would encourage lazy girls to get even lazier. Thanks to beauty filters, I think I have started losing in touch with reality. I live under the illusion that my skin is flawless. The option of using “beauty mode” on my front camera also helps me live the lie that I am perfect.

snapchat make up.jpg
Snapchat make-up filter

Dull skin?  Have marks on your face? Or maybe your face has swollen up because you have been gorging on way too many pizzas? Well no problem, just tweak the settings on ‘beauty mode’ and say bye bye to your insecurities. Quite simple isn’t it?

But what about all these flaws when you meet people in real life? It might take hundreds of years to fit beauty filters right into the human eyeball. So in the meantime, you can slather your face in layers of make-up. Why would anyone stop eating those pizzas when they can just contour those fat cheeks, right ?

I have really started to wonder if people will stop buying actual, physical make-up products. Think about it. Why take the effort to doll up and spend tons of money on make up when you can just use filters? Are we heading towards digital make-up?

Are you guys addicted to Snapchat filters as well? Let me know. Leave a comment below or on my Facebook page !

Love, The Selfie Beauty

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