Do note my skin is normal to combination

One thing which simply baffles me about this product is that there is just one shade available. Why you do this Garnier? Indians have all sorts of skin tones and shades. One size cannot fit all. The first time I used this product it gave good coverage and my skin even glowed a bit with a dewy sheen.

But from the 2nd and 3rd time onward, my skin looked kind of dull. The coverage felt average and product felt a bit heavy on my face, so much so I wanted to wash it off ! It is still a mystery to me how did the product perform so well the first time ONLY?

garnier bb cream 1.jpg

Let me clarify that I don’t use BB creams and I bought this product for review purposes only. To give you a good perspective, I will lay down its claims and give a rating out of five. One star being poor and five stars being excellent:

Fairer Looking skin: (no stars)

Healthy glow: *

Zero imperfections: *

Even skin tone: **

8 hour moisturisation: **

garnier bb cream swatch.jpg

As you can tell, I was not happy with Garnier BB Cream’s performance. The main drawback is that they don’t come in shades. This makes your face look funny if it doesn’t match your skin shade.YOU CAN TELL CLEARLY FROM THE PICTURE ABOVE MY SKIN LOOKED FAIRER BEFORE BLENDING IN THE PRODUCT ! AFTER 1 HOUR OF APPLICATION, IT IS VERY EVIDENT THAT GARNIER BB CREAM MADE MY SKIN DARKER THAN IT’S ORIGINAL COLOR ! 

If you have an uneven skin tone or pigmentation, Garnier BB Cream does not give powerful enough coverage either.  I felt my skin looked a bit dull after couple of hours of application. That is the complete opposite of what this product claims! Moisturisation is nothing to gloat about either and I would never use it during winters.

MY TAKE: HELL NOO ! There are better BB creams out there. Avoid this one. I know I have really attacked this product but I honestly did not like it. Did I mention the fragrance smells kind of funky too and not in a good way?

What’s your experience with this product. Comment down below or on my Facebook Page !

Love, The Selfie beauty




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