Even though, I got my hair colored 1 month back (that too global!), I completely forgot to buy a shampoo for colored hair.Big mistake. I used a normal shampoo and each time my hair turned dry and frizzy after washing. Even when my hair was wet after shampooing, it was hard to run my fingers through them.I needed a shampoo specialized for colored hair and I needed it fast.I came across L’OREAL PARIS Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner. I really did not have a choice as it was the only color shampoo available at the mall.

This range makes the following claims:

  1. UV filter protects hair colour
  2. Nourishes hair fibre
  3. Makes hair smooth and silky

A word of caution: Never use a normal or daily shampoo if your hair is colored/streaked. There is no point of spending a bomb on hair coloring  and then not investing in the right shampoo. Normal shampoos are not formulated to give the amount of care that colored hair needs.

When I first used this shampoo, I saw a BIG difference. My hair was smoother, silkier and moisturized. It was easy to comb post washing and was less frizzy.But after 2-3 washes, the product did not perform up to my expectations. Sure it was making my hair more manageable than a normal (for non-colored hair) shampoo, but the results were not up-to my expectations.After all, there is a difference between SMOOTHER hair and smooth ENOUGH hair. These products were just doing the former.My hair was still a bit frizzy and dry even after using their conditioner.loreal paris color protect review.jpgWill I buy these products again?  Nope !

I will explore other brands primarily because this one did not quite hit the nail on the head.  The shampoo also contains SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) which is a cousin of SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). Overall, I am not particularly fond of LO’REAL PARIS products and avoid them as much as I can. For the brand value they boast, their products are quite average.

MY TAKE: MAYBE. Like I said, this is a mediocre product.Buy it only if there is no alternative.I will of course be on the lookout for a better shampoo for colored hair and do a review for you guys 🙂

Price: Shampoo : 245 Indian Rupees for 360 ml

Conditioner: 170 Indian Rupees for 175 ml.

You are welcome to share your views on the L’OREAL PARIS COLOR PROTECT range. Do you like it? Have you discovered a better shampoo for colored hair? You can comment down below or on my Facebook page!

Love, The Selfie Beauty



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