‘Your hair is too much frizzy, you need a hair spa’

If a friend shared this golden piece of advice with me, I guess I would be okay. Irritated but okay.

If it is my mom, I would laugh it off. After all, I guess criticizing their kids is another form of love by parents

But no…none of them had the audacity to say this to me. In fact, the culprit was a random stranger. That’s right… A STRANGER who could babble these crushing words within 10 seconds of meeting me…IN FRONT OF EVERYONE PRESENT. And it was not even a lady. This person in question was a man. Any guesses?


So I accompanied my partner to a salon for a haircut and trim. Now I quite like bearded men, so I did not support the decision completely but went anyways. While my partner sat down, the male beautician who was servicing him looked at me and said : “You hair is too much frizzy, you need a hair spa”

Wait. Hold Up. First off, my hair is not too frizzy and I am sure most of you will agree by looking at my photos. Secondly, I got my hair colored sometime back so a little bit of dryness and frizz is okay. Last I heard, no one DIED of frizzy hair.  Thirdly, manners much? As a beautician, you cannot play with your potential clients’ insecurity like that ! Naïve and gullible ones could fall for it. But not me. Fourthly, if he knew that ‘TOO MUCH FRIZZY’ is incorrect grammar, maybe I would still have a LITTLE BIT of respect left for him.

I was so taken aback with that statement, I could only reply back meekly: ‘I just got my hair colored’

Before he said those atrocious words, I was considering exploring that parlor and trying out some of their services. But after that crass statement, I gave up that idea. No way in hell am I even stepping a foot in that place !

The bright red cherry on top was that the guy beautician completely ruined my partner’s sexy, rugged look. He cut his hair so short that now my partner is unrecognizable and not in a nice way. Oh..the frustration !

I have noticed this crazy behavior several times when shopping in beauty stores. Attendants come up and tell you, RIGHT ON YOUR FACE, with no shame that you have dark spots, pimples, dark eye circles etc.  All this, in a lame attempt to sell their products. At the same time, they resemble clowns with all that makeup slathered on their face like Lady Gaga! I would love to see them without that goop on their face and point out their flaws. It will be interesting to see their expressions then. ( I have a sharp tongue,so in most probability they will  burst out crying)

Why can’t these people understand that I WILL NEVER BUY PRODUCTS OR OPT FOR A SERVICE IF THEY MAKE ME FEEL UGLY? Is it so difficult to grasp? Do they leave their common sense when they come to work? You might take advantage of someone who has low self esteem but any self respecting person will not put up with this non-sense.

Keep that self esteem high folks and don’t fall into such emotional traps ! If you have a similar experience then do leave a comment down below or on my Facebook page. Also, I am aiming towards 1,000 Facebook members by 31st January, 2017. Show some support if you loved what you read and want more !






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