smytten 2.jpg

So  I downloaded the Smytten app and ordered 3 luxury products in sample size for free ! You can choose 3 samples from a variety of products. I chose the following samples to try :

Natural Bath and Body Scrub face wash

Vichy Light Cream

Inveda Sun screen cream gel

They also had some cool products like herbal tea, body scrubs, contact lenses samples. Since I focus more on beauty products, I did not choose those. I was quite surprised that the beauty box was delivered in a day and a half. That was pretty quick. It looks quite quaint and cute too ! It is a great way to try new products and experiment. I am especially kicked up about trying the Natural Bath and Body Scrub Face Wash. I have never tried a scrub that turns into foam. That will be pretty interesting.

smytten 3.jpg

I will review all three products soon in a couple of days.

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