I confess…. I was one heck of a hairy teenager (thanks dad !) My mom did not allow me to wax, thread or shave which led to serious self-esteem issues.Behind closed doors,  I used to pretend to wax myself using cello tape and was ecstatic when I “waxed out” tiny little hair strands from my arms.

It was in class 12 when I was allowed to wax my legs.  Overjoyed at the thought of hair free legs, I don’t think I felt the pain. But I do now. I feel pain A LOT. So much so I procrastinate for days before I finally make my way to the salon.  I have soft, sensitive skin that gets sun burnt easily.  Thanks to my sensitive skin, I dread threading as well (read about it : IT’S THAT TIME OF THE MONTH AGAIN) & have to be super careful about what I put on my face. Six months ago , I contracted a horrible skin infection after a facial that took weeks to clear out !


So I guess in my case, the saying ‘beauty is pain’ rings true.  When it comes to hair removal, I have 3 options:

  1. Waxing (ouch!)
  2. Shaving ( leads to cactus like hair re-growth)
  3. Hair removal cream ( messy, full of chemicals)

Many of friends say that they are “used” to getting waxed with a stoic expression on their face. I still don’t understand how does one get used to self-induced torture?  Are you telling me that the hot, boiling wax which resembles molten lava does not bother you?  You feel absolutely NO PAIN when it is applied to your skin? If that is true, then give me some of what you are smoking ladies!

wax-4The longer your hair strands, the more pain you feel when the waxing strip is pulled off! The process is akin to removing a bandage as fast as you can… except it happens repeatedly 20 times (at least) in one session!

My friends made the experience of underarm waxing feel like a walk in the walk. They said they do it all the time. Confident that I would be able to handle it, I decided to get them waxed at a salon 1 year ago. I had no idea what I had signed up for. When the beautician pulled the waxing strip, I felt like my life had also been waxed away! It was extremely painful and my pores started bleeding. I did not want to come across as a sissy, so I let the beautician wax my other underarm.  I made a note to self: NEVER DO THAT AGAIN! AND DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT BIKINI WAX, EVEN IN YOUR DREAMS!

I would really appreciate if the beauticians realize that their clients are humans. I know it’s just a regular job for them but it doesn’t mean they space out.  I have to keep reminding them to be careful because the wax is way too hot.

I sometimes wonder why I even go through this torture.. more so because the effects of waxing last approximately 3 weeks ONLY!  I could stay natural and hairy as well but thanks to sexist constructs of society that is not a viable option. Also apparently men feel hair on a woman is a “turn-off”.  Coincidentally, these men have absolutely NO IDEA how painful, costly and time-consuming hair removal is. Ladies, next time a man hints that you need to go hairless again, say that you will only remove hair if he is willing to get his arms waxed.  After that mind scarring experience, he will absolutely have no problem with your hairy legs. Trust me.


Do you have any tips to make waxing easier for me? Do comment down below or on my Facebook Page. If you liked this article, do follow me on my Facebook page as well where I am working towards building a community with like-minded individuals! And don’t forget to share it with someone who hates waxing as much as I do !


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