The perfect red lipstick for winters: MAC Ruby Woo OR L’Oreal Lincoln Rose?

The Selfie Beauty reader and follower Namrata reviews 2 red lipsticks- MAC Ruby Woo and L’Oreal Lincoln Rose to help you pick the perfect red ! 

Note: Namrata’s skin tone is wheatish/Indian

both mac and loreal.jpg

“So, I have always been fond of blood red lipsticks. I had been looking for the perfect hue that would accentuate my lips immediately. On one of my visits to a plush mall in Delhi, I was drawn like magnet to MAC beauty shop. The MAC store  seemed to be a world of transformations. I made myself comfortable in the magical chair and a few minutes later, a fairy godmother applied MAC Ruby Woo to my lips.I was charmed when I looked into the mirror. I reserved this shade for special days when I was sure this lipstick could never disappoint me…at least that is what I thought.


After a few months, I realized the lipstick wasn’t the perfect tinge I was looking for. That said, the texture imparted no sheen to my lips. Perhaps I was bored. I gave up and decided to give up on all the red lipsticks….. until one day  I found a lipstick hidden away in a small corner of my vanity box. I read the name of the lipstick, “Lincoln Rose” (L’OReal). I decided to give this one a shot. The texture was creamy, smooth and glossy too! It was bright and the best part- it did not crack up or dry up on a shopping spree on a winter day.

My feet gave up, but this lipstick, it did not. My prayers had finally been answered. Sorry Ruby Woo, I’m gonna have to ditch you for Lincoln Rose!

Tip: Try a red lipcolour with a black dress or a white shirt with winged eyeliner”

MAC Ruby Woo- Approximately 2,000 Indian Rupees

L’Oreal Lincoln Rose- Approximately 900 Indian Rupees

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