It’s the battle of neem face washes: VLCC Neem face wash versus Himalaya Neem Face Wash. Which one gives you the biggest bang for your bucks? Read on to find out:

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Both claim to fight the menace of acne and pimples. I specially hate pimples because of the little pock marks they leave behind ! Thankfully, I rarely suffer from zits (whew ! what a relief), so I can’t comment on which face wash is more effective. However, Himalaya Neem face wash has always been the preferred face wash in my family for the past few years.

PACKAGING :(150 ml)

Right off the bat, the packaging of both the products looks quite similar, doesn’t it? Coincidence much? Who is copying whom?


Here is where things get really interesting…. VLCC mentions SLS (sodium lauryl suplhate) and parabens in it’s list of ingredients. But there is no mention of either of the ingredients in Himalaya. You must already be aware about the harmful effects of SLS and parabens. According to the Huffington Post, SLS and parabens should be avoided as much as possible.

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Both face washes have a gel like consistency. VLCC face wash has a jarring strong scent which can be quite annoying.  On the other hand, Himalaya’s scent is pleasing and subtle. Also, Himalaya works up a nice, bubbly lather. I just love how my face feels clean and sparkles to a greater extent with Himalaya face wash.


VLCC Neem Face wash(150 ml): 140 Indian Rupees

Himalaya Neem Face Wash(150 ml): 150 Indian Rupees

So, who wins this battle?

HIMALAYA FACE WASH WINS HANDS DOWN. From safety, cost and results perspective Himalaya face wash is far ahead of VLCC.

VLCC, you need a lot of catching up to do.

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  1. I avoid Parabens where I can. They’re in a lot of products so it’s almost impossible to avoid all together but I will pick a paraben free product over one that contains it as my Mum had breast cancer last year and there’s enough of a link with parabens and breast cancer to make me take notice of the warning! Great blog x

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