I was one of those oily haired kids while growing up. Somehow I had been conditioned to believe that ever oiled hair was the norm. Coconut oil was the only hair oil which existed in my universe. But thankfully as I grew up I learnt that there are many options to choose from: almond, jasmine, castor…blah blah

Then 3 years ago I discovered olive oil…



I learned about olive oil from Nandita, a colleague from a former work place. Nandita had long, lovely, flowing tresses. Her hair WAS ALWAYS strong, shiny with no sign of frizz or damage. She never had a bad hair day. I was even more impressed when I learnt she travels from Faridabad to Noida (that is a 2 hour commute each way) to come to work. Yet, not even one hair strand was ever out of place.

nandita collage.jpg

I could not contain myself and just HAD to ask her secret. Which beauty hair tricks did she have up her sleeve? Had she chanced upon the holy grail of hair care? Upon asking, she revealed that she applies olive oil. ‘Isn’t that used for cooking ONLY?’ I blurted out. Turned out I was living under a rock.

Now olive oil is my preferred choice. What I LOVE about this oil is that there is almost ZERO hair fall during application. Even after shampooing & combing, I experience almost negligible hair fall. Hair is stronger, deep conditioned, soft, shiny, bouncy and moisturized.


I simply massage my scalp and hair with this amazing oil for 10 minutes and let it stay in for an hour before washing it off. I do this twice a week.  Nandita however uses a slightly different method and is kind enough to share it. Both Nandita and I use Figaro olive oil.


  1. Nandita oils her hair the night before the scheduled hair wash ( she uses warm olive oil during winters. Word of caution: Never heat oil directly over a direct flame!)
  2. Right before shampooing, she does a hot towel treatment to open up pores. This allows oil to sink right into the roots.
  3. Shampoo!figaro


IMPORTANT: If you are susceptible to cold, like me, avoid oiling you hair at night during WINTERS. I have got bad headaches and felt sick when I oil my hair at night during the cold season. Leave your oiling ritual for daytime.

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