Do you go to sleep at night without washing your face? Do you pass out with make up on? Well, that is messed up.

I cannot stress the importance of a night routine enough. Before sleeping you MUST cleanse, tone and moisturize.  And if you are above the age of 22 and STILL not doing it… then I don’t know what to say.  And if you don’t know what I am talking about, then I highly recommend YOU STOP READING and google about it right this minute! For those who are aware, I am proud! Continue reading…

The night cream I am reviewing is THE BODY SHOP VITAMIN E NIGHT CREAM.  IT IS MY FAVORITE NIGHT CREAM. It is basically a miracle in a round little box. It is suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES. It has a pleasing & soothing smell & is not oily at all. You will wake up next morning with brighter and soft skin. It gets absorbed into your skin so easily! I have seen pigmentation, uneven skin tone disappear with prolonged use (say 2 weeks!).  The antioxidant power of Vitamin E in this moisture cream helps prevent premature aging and damage from free radicals. I have used up 3 boxes already!


1 year ago, I tried to experiment with other night creams so I purchased LAKME YOUTH INFINITY NIGHT CREAM ( it is lesser priced at around 700 Indian Rupees). The results were so substandard compared to the VITAMIN E Body shop cream that I abandoned it in 2 days. It is no WHERE NEAR Body Shop’s Vitamin E night cream.

MY TAKE: GO FOR IT! I just feel lucky that I discovered this night cream. I use it year round as it is not too heavy.  This product is a little expensive (around 1000 Indian Rupees) & comes in a packaging which is kind of small for the price you pay. But I think it is a great investment to keep your skin beautiful!

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