Anuradha Khanna, a Chandigarh (India) resident, was not always this fit and fabulous.

Anuradha sets the ramp on fire

Did I also mention that she is also a young mother to a toddler? This gorgeous and independent woman has changed her body through discipline and perseverance.  Even the birth of her son, & later running her own jewelry business  did not take her focus away from fitness. So how did she do it?

Couple of years ago, Anuradha’s dream was to be an army officer.  She cleared the written exam & performed well in the tasks, yet she was rejected. Why? Because at 72 kgs, she was too over-weight to further qualify. She had become her own obstacle.  Anuradha realized enough is enough & decided to change her life.

This is how she lost 20 kgs before her wedding:

  • Cutting out sugar and soft drinks from her diet completely
  • Working out 6 days a week including weight training
  • Each work out would last 2 hours
  • Substituting dinner with salads

But after her son Kabir was born, her weight was back. This time she was at 74 kgs.  Not giving into laziness, & not hiding behind excuses, Anuradha vowed to get her original shape back. She decided that by her son’s 1st birthday she will lose all the extra pounds.

  • She quit shopping for larger sized branded clothing completely. Her aim was to fit back to her old, smaller sized clothes within a year
  • She also consumed more vegetables and her diet became more liquid based
  • Rice was avoided like the plague

There were many days where Anuradha found it difficult to stick to her diet & work out plan. And it’s only human to do so. She tackled this by  reading motivational articles & keeping a cheat day to binge on her favorite food.  The results, as you can see from the pictures, are nothing short of stunning. Just like Anuradha, even your can achieve your ideal body, guys.  If you lose excuses, you will gain results.


Whenever I feel too lazy to work out, I think about the results I want to achieve.  Being lazy and complacent will not help you get a toned body and glowing skin. Eating junk food every day will not bring positive changes to your body. Instead, it will make you flabby & unfit. Envision the sexy you and work towards it.

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