Patanjali (or the Indian Body Shop, as I call it) has taken the market by storm with tall claims that it’s a herbal brand. Verifying that Patanjali is 100 % herbal is difficult, but I feel it’s providing good products to the masses at a very reasonable price in India. I spent a bomb on my L’OREAL Paris Kajal Magique Bold…around 350 Indian Rupees! But PATANJALI HERBAL KAJAL is only 90 Indian Rupees.  That’s a colossal price difference!

When I opened the kajal, it had a very divine herbal scent, making me feel good instantly! Behind the packaging it clearly states the ingredients used to make the kajal: castor oil, almond oil, amla and a few more complicated names of herbs/fruits like harad , baheda, rasaut etc 

Anyhow, when I applied the kajal, it was not smudgy and glided on smoothly. It’s pretty deep black too which is something I look for in a kajal! I felt a cooling effect around my eyes. I was pretty surprised at the quality of kajal taking into account that is under 100 bucks!

patanjali 4.jpg
Freshly applied Patanjali kajal

NO SMUDGE, NO SMEAR says the packaging. Well, this is where the product lost me. Saying the kajal does not smudge, is a marketing gimmick. We don’t expect you to lie PATANJALI.  Though it is true there is no smearing when you apply the kajal, it starts to smudge after 2 hours of application. The neat kajal line on your lower eyelid starts to bleed. And you WILL get raccoon eyes if you rub your peepers. I am sure you all agree that smudged kajal is a huge make up faux pas.

And what’s up with the claim written on the packaging stating that using this kajal will IMPROVE & MAINTAIN VISION? Patanjali, do you seriously want us to believe this?

MY TAKE: YOU CAN GIVE IT A SHOT. The quality of the kajal is pretty decent for 90 Indian rupees. But if you want high performance kajal for office or parties, avoid it. You might end up punching someone in the face if they comment on your panda bear eyes.

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