I believe you don’t need expensive body moisturizers. My skin does JUST fine with maybe a Vaseline or a Nivea body lotion. But I get a massive kick from using THE BODY SHOP’s body butters.  It takes pampering to the next level.  I am someone who absolutely can’t stand the cold and taking a shower during winters is difficult for me. Last winter to motivate myself to bathe, I bought two BODY SHOP body butters: Strawberry & Moringa.  The fragrance was FANTASTIC and my skin became as soft as a baby’s bum after application. Needless to say, the thought of applying this moisturizer post bathing got me through winter showers.


Body shop body butters look delicious because they smell of the real thing (strawberry,olive, blueberry, vineyard peach etc) . Don’t be around them when you are hungry, you might just lose control and ingest them! The texture is also smooth and dense..just like soft warm butter ! Yum !

The BODY SHOP BLUEBERRY SPECIAL EDITION body butter is no different. It smells of fresh blueberries. The best part about these body butters is the scent is natural, not synthetic.  This body butter is rich in Vitamin E and also contains Shea & Cocoa butter. It deeply moisturizes your skin and gets absorbed quickly with NO GREASY feeling. So it’s a good bet for winters. The fragrance engages your senses as you rub it on your body. The scent lasts for couple of hours & makes you feel like a diva. Looks like I am going to have a great November !

MY TAKE:  DEFINITELY YES ! If you are willing to pay  1,095 Indian Rupees, that is. The Body Shop body butters were available at around 900 bucks but the prices have risen recently.It’s a quality products so worth spending on.  However, I would still say that the body shop body butters are a luxury & not a necessity. Of all the body butters I have tried, strawberry is my favorite !

I would love to know which is your favorite body shop body butter? Feel free to contact me on my Facebook page or here on my website. And don’t forget to like and subscribe!


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