DISCLAIMER: The below article is ONLY on loss of  hair which grows on your head. Unfortunately I am yet to experience body hair loss, which is something I won’t stop ever. (God, why don’t we shed body hair neck down?! WHY??)

I am sure most of you are familiar with this situation:

You run your hands through your hair, expecting to feel your soft silky tresses. Instead, a bunch of hair strands are  stuck to your fingers like magnets. Your heart instantly sinks because you realize that’s a very bad sign pointing at the obvious: Your hair is suffering. And if you don’t do anything quickly to remedy the situation, the beautiful hair that you covet could be a thing of the past.

It’s the same story when you wash your hair or brush your hair. Seeing your precious hair on your bathroom floor or stuck all over your comb is a disturbing sight. You hair WILL BREAK UP with you (pun intended) if you don’t love it back..The situation gets worse during monsoons!  Even if you have been blessed with thick hair, it doesn’t mean it will stay that way if you don’t maintain it

Keep those locks beautiful !

TIE HAIR AT ALL TIMES: I have noticed my hair falls more frequently when I leave it open. Keep your hair tied most of the times (not too tight!).Especially, make sure your hair is tied when you are travelling. Hair blowing in the wind is very filmy & all but it does no good. Brush your crowning glory at night and tie them before dozing off. Never go to sleep with tangled knots because it’s literally a death sentence for your hair. Your hair will thank you next day

GET A TRIM/HAIRCUT:  This one works miracles for me. When I notice excessive hair fall, I get a haircut and my hair fall freezes in its tracks. Trust me ladies (and gentlemen) having short hair is better than having no hair.

You can do some serious damage control to stop hair fall with these tips. If you want to share your innovative tips on preventing hair fall for the good for humanity, feel free to contact me.  I would love to feature your tips here. And don’t forget to like, share & follow me on my Facebook page



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