Want to look like a princess? I am pretty sure I transform into one with this lip crayon on my lips! Fancy word there: Lip crayon !

I love it so much that I have not touched any of my other lip colors for the past 3 months. Poor lipsticks, I am sure they must be feeling like pariahs now.

Me to my other lipsticks : I am sorry  lipsticks. Its me, not you.. Oh wait, it is YOU coz  the HONEST LIP CRAYON is so perfect!

honest shy 2.jpg

The Honest Company is co-founded by Hollywood actress Jessica Alba. It’s not available  in India but a relative of mine from the USA gifted it to me. And I am so glad she did !

The one which I have on in the picture above is called Strawberry Kiss.It glides on smoothly on my lips. It’s a demi-matte lipstick. I can’t really explain the texture of the product because it’s unlike anything I have used before. It’s kind of watery and matte at the same time. After a while, it gets absorbed into your lips with a ombre-lipstainer kind of finish.

The color is fantastic! I love the way it completely changes my appearance after applying it ! There are many other variants to choose from as well:

The Honest Company claims they make non-toxic products but they have been sued repeatedly for false marketing. However, I don’t think any of their makeup and beauty products have been mired in controversy so far.

MY TAKE:  HELL YES ! You should give this lip crayon a try if you have access to it.It kind of even keeps your lips moisturized ! The only drawback is that it doesn’t have much staying power.

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