I really dread that time of the month, so much so, that it sends shivers down my spine. No, I am not talking about periods. What I am referring to is far worse: THREADING OR REMOVING HAIR FROM YOUR FACE SO YOU DON’T LOOK LIKE A PRE-ADOLESCENT BOY.

Because looking like a pre-adolescent boy is enough for your boyfriend or husband to question whether you are the same woman he fell for.  And heaven have mercy if your crush sees you with facial hair (especially your lady mustache)!


I remember I could not squeeze out time before a date to thread. So as a quick fix, I used Veet (hair remover cream). The result was disastrous. I got tiny abrasions on my upper lip. Still it seemed a small price to pay .The other option was turning up looking like Big Foot. In retrospect, I should have avoided torturing my facial skin with a chemical hair remover as the relationship did not work out. And the reasons for the split had nothing got to do with grooming (read: the guy was a jerk)

I find it very amusing that some men think women do not have facial hair. Well here is a news flash for you guys ! You think your stubble is cool? It won’t take us time to grow one too if we wanted. To avoid stubble, we don’t shave our facial hair, we thread it.

Yesterday was the dreaded day when I had to get the fuzz off my face. The longer the fuzz grows, the more painful it is.  Of course, if the artist is experienced and has a really good hand, it’s easy breezy. But 90% of the times I get a woman who wants to rip my skin off.

For those who don’t know how it feels to be threaded, let me explain. Threading (or voluntary self torture) is akin to tiny red ants biting your face. That too around your sensitive areas: above your eyelids, eyebrows & upper lip. Moving too much in discomfort is not an option either because you can’t risk a cut. And trust me, you don’t want a cut on your facial skin.

Threading AKA voluntary self torture

I love the way they prep you up with loose powder like a pakora being dipped in besan before being fried. Once the threading begins, I keep constantly remind myself: Stay strong woman. Get this over with it and you are sorted for the next 3 weeks! Ten to fifteen minutes later, I look feminine again. Except, my face is swollen and red like a baboon’s rear end. I have to give my face an entire day to recover from this trauma. No wonder thread rhymes with dread!

If you are lucky enough to find a threading artist who has magic in her fingers, don’t let her go. Appreciate her, cherish her and tell her she means the world. If this post resonates with you, don’t feel shy to like, share my post & tell me  how you deal with the pain of threading! You can also connect with me on my Facebook page. Let’s get talking 🙂






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