Why do we oil our hair? Well, that’s an easy one. To give it nutrition, moisturize it & prep it up for a hair wash. Oiling is a therapeutic process which repairs our hair from chemical damage. But by using GARNIER-OIL-IN CREAM, you are literally oiling your hair with chemicals ! This cream claims it can be used in the exact ways you would apply hair oil. The package says ‘goodness of hair oil in a light cream texture’. That is a red flag there my friends !  Why would you want to ditch the real thing for this product? If you  are changing properties of something natural to resemble a cream, it will obviously be loaded with chemicals.


This is want happened when I used it before washing my hair:

  • It has a non-greasy texture which is great but when I started applying it, couple of hair strands wound up in my fingers
  • The feeling of applying it in your hair does not come close to a relaxing (real) oil massage

After washing my hair:

  • More hair strands wound up in my comb than usual
  • Hair felt soft & manageable & had a nice fragrance

MY TAKE: HELL NO ! Even though my hair felt soft, I think using this product is not beneficial in the long run. Stick to your natural hair oil guys. Our hair DOES NOT need more chemical based products ! Only use it if you really hate you hair.

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