‘This is the best face cream in the world’ my Mom told me when I was a pre-teen. Lacto cream? really? I wondered.

As woman in my 20s I now realize that mommy was right after all. LACTO CALAMINE is the promised land for your skin, It soothes, moisturizes and leaves a matte effect on your skin. And at very reasonable( dare I say cheap !) price too !

I learnt a very neat trick on how to deal with pimples using this product. Cover your unwanted & nasty pimple with this cream generously. Wake up next day with that monster drying (or rather dying) out. Repeat for few days till it disappears !

MY TAKE: HELL YES ! This is a great buy. I used it as a day cream and it does the job quite well !

#lactocalamine #honestreview #theselfiebeauty

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