Well you know that feeling. You have worked super hard in office the entire day. You even jogged in the morning, ate a healthy breakfast and drank lots of water too. But as evening approaches, you think you deserve a break. And what could be a better break than crispy cheesy French fries ? Or maybe you have a sweet tooth and a nice chocolaty cup cake is going to make your day! But wait.. Isn’t that fattening? But again you have had a disciplined day so indulging in your favorite snack can’t hurt ,can it?


So you go for it. Then you remember that divine taste every time it’s time for your ‘break’. You can’t help but go for it again! I don’t need to elaborate what happens next.  You simply stop making progress when comes to your fitness goals. Trust me, I have been there (and I struggle with it every day)

To deal with this fitness emergency I came up with 4 ways you can quickly turn off your sinful cravings.

  1. Order a salad instead: Leafy salads are tasty & can quickly water down your hunger. Just be careful not to add too much cheese in your salad. Coz that means you are doing to the dark side & trust me that is not where you want to be
  1. Visualize the sexy you: Think about the sexy & fit future you that is waiting to be discovered. Giving in now will delay that even further
  1. Have a healthy snack: I love to snack on dried berries when I am hungry.  Sometimes the craving is just hunger pangs. By eating healthy snacks, you can end the problem
  1. Reward yourself: Once a week you can let yourself go (within limits) & indulge in your favorite junk.  But only if you deserve it!


Stay strong guys!


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