3 years ago ,The Selfie Beauty follower Namrata never had the confidence to leave her hair open. But she decided to change all that by following some simple tips. This is how Namrata unleashed her mane’s glory:

1. She ALWAYS shampoos and rinses her hair with cold water(yes, even in winters)

2. Speaking of shampoos, Namrata believes in shampooing only once every 8-10 days. ‘It works, trust me’ says Namratanamarta-before-after

3. Drinking Patanjali Aloe Vera Juice has done wonders to her hair

4. She never, ever EVER blow drys. Not even in the salon after a haircut or hair spa

5. The last tip is a no brainer: Don’t make your hair undergo frequent chemical treatments. Even if you do make sure your hair recovers from the last one (OBVIOUSLY!)

If you have some hair, skin, health tips that have transformed you…Inbox me ! Would love to feature your Before & After story on The Selfie Beauty

#beforeandafter #transformation #patanjalialoeverajuice #haircare

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