If you groan at the thought of washing your face, then this product provides the perfect motivation. With a divine, berry like refreshing smell, it lathers up well on your face and leaves it squeaky clean without over drying !

At 120 Indian rupees it’s priced just right for the quality it delivers. Now CLEAN & CLEAR BERRY FACE WASH occupies a special place in my heart & washroom. Even my college going brother is a fan ! And trust me it takes a lot of guts for a 20 year old guy to admit he likes a pink colored berry face wash.

However, I have also tried the LEMON variant, and I can’t say I enjoyed washing my face with it. The scent of the lemon variant is nothing to write about. I find it simply unpleasant !

MY TAKE: HELL YES ! If you are a berry fan like me, you will love it.

#beautyreview #cleanandclear #theselfiebeauty #skincare

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