Patanjali or as I see it: the Indian version of The Body Shop.

Natural, made from herbal products, Ayurvedic & priced like a dream. Sounds pretty great right? Except this particular product is overloaded with fragrance. And fragrance, the last time, I checked is not herbal.


When I first came across this product I squealed with excitement. It was pocket friendly and the sparkling bright green gel looked like the end of my skin woes(and perhaps the end of spending a truckload on expensive beauty products) But few days later, it caused major skin breakout. I had pimples all over my forehead( I have a oily T zone) It is NOT for someone with acne prone skin !

It’s a hit though with my parents who regard this product as the messiah of skin care.

MY TAKE: DEPENDS. Avoid PATANJALI ALOEVERA GEL if you have sensitive skin that breaks out easily. Also grow an aloe vera plant if you really want the real thing.

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